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Better Brain Studio was founded in 2010 with a clear purpose and a very specific mission... to help people improve and maintain their cognitive wellness.

Over the years our program has evolved into the fast, easy, and highly effective neurofeedback training and coaching process we offer today. We are proud of the fact that our unique, individualized method effortlessly encourages optimal brain function and supports peak personal performance through any situation our clients may be going through in life.

Our passionate, professionally trained staff specializes in working with people over 10 years old and our constantly growing list of satisfied clients includes students, teachers, homemakers, hourly employees, business owners, corporate executives, first responders, entertainers, lawyers, doctors, athletes, and people from all walks of life in between.

The simple fact is anybody alive can benefit in both the short and long term by improving and maintaining their cognitive health, fitness, and performance... and that's exactly what our time proven program is designed to help each of our clients do!

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