Cognitive Performance Evaluation

Better Brain Studio offers a stand alone, clinically validated neurocognitive - neurobehavioral evaluation that is designed to provide an accurate, real time snapshot of your brain's overall level of health, fitness and performance.

Our comprehensive computerized test typically takes less than 60 minutes to complete and includes an easy to read and understand printable emailed report, demographic / age based cognitive performance comparison, and longitudinal tracking feature that can help you monitor for changes over time through subsequent testing.

Note: This is a scientifically developed evaluation that is specifically designed to measure your brain's level of fitness and performance. It does not measure your intelligence and does not provide a mental health assessment or offer an opinion on the reason why you think the way you think.

Brain Test

Knowledge is power... this test can help you:

  • Create a benchmark that can provide vitally important information over time
  • Develop a cognitive performance improvement and maintenance plan
  • Measure changes in cognitive condition and/or ability
  • Proactively identify the onset of neurological disorders
  • Determine suitability for work, school, driving, sports, travel, etc. 
  • Monitor for the progression of disease and/or decline

This evaluation measures performance in the following key areas:

  • Learning ability
  • Memory
  • Processing speed
  • Immediate and Delayed Recall
  • Mental flexibility
  • Reaction speed
  • Attention
  • Impulsiveness
  • Judgement
  • Mental efficiency
  • Executive function
  • Concentration
  • Processing accuracy
  • Motor skills
  • Comprehension

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