Brain Health, Fitness, and Performance Testing

Better Brain Studio offers an internationally accepted neurocognitive - neurobehavioral evaluation that will provide an accurate, clinically validated assessment of your brain's overall condition including it's current health, fitness and performance. 

This comprehensive, computerized test takes approximately 30 minutes and includes an easy to read and understand printed assessment, age based demographic comparison, and longitudinal tracking report to help you monitor for changes in your cognitive ability. 

Please note this is a neuro-scientific test that is specifically designed to evaluate your brain health, fitness and performance... It is not an IQ or intelligence test!

Knowledge is power... an evaluation and assessment can help you:

  • Create an important brain health, fitness, and performance benchmark
  • Develop and implement a personal cognitive performance improvement and maintenance plan
  • Measure positive or negative changes in cognitive ability
  • Identify and manage neurological disorders
  • Determine suitability for work, school, driving, sports, travel, etc. 
  • Monitor for the onset or progression of cognitive disease or decline
  • Follow the CDC annual cognitive fitness review recommendation

Testing measures your performance in the following key areas:

  • Learning ability
  • Memory
  • Processing speed
  • Immediate and Delayed Recall
  • Mental flexibility
  • Reaction speed
  • Attention
  • Impulsiveness
  • Judgement
  • Mental efficiency
  • Executive function
  • Concentration
  • Processing accuracy
  • Motor skills
  • Comprehension

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