Cognitive Health, Fitness, and Performance Testing

Better Brain Studio offers a fast, easy, comprehensive computerized neurocognitive - neurobehavioral evaluation that provides a world recognized, clinically accepted assessment of your brain's health, fitness and performance.

Knowledge is power... an evaluation and assessment can help you:

  • Create a brain health, fitness, and performance benchmark
  • Develop and implement a personal cognitive performance improvement and maintenance plan
  • Measure positive or negative change in cognitive ability
  • Identify and manage neurological disorders
  • Determine your suitability for work, school, driving, sports, travel, etc. 
  • Monitor for the onset or progression of cognitive injury, disease, or decline
  • Follow the CDC annual cognitive fitness review recommendation

Testing measures your performance in the following key cognitive areas:

  • Learning ability
  • Memory
  • Processing speed
  • Immediate and Delayed Recall
  • Mental flexibility
  • Reaction speed
  • Attention
  • Impulsiveness
  • Judgement
  • Mental efficiency
  • Executive function
  • Concentration
  • Processing accuracy
  • Motor skills
  • Comprehension

Testing takes approximately 30 minutes and includes an easy to read and understand assessment, age based demographic comparison, and longitudinal tracking report. Please note this neuro-scientific test evaluates brain health and performance, not IQ or intelligence!

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