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The unique, multi-faceted, Better Brain Studio cognitive health, fitness, and personal performance improvement program provides numerous wellness benefits for the brain and body including more effective stress and anxiety management, increased focus and mental clarity, enhanced memory, faster recall, improved mental outlook and more.

Additionally, many clients have successfully used our program to improve or resolve symptoms related to a wide variety of physical, emotional and cognitive complaints... many of which fall into the general categories outlined below:

Physical, cognitive, and emotional challenges

People of diverse backgrounds and ages use the Better Brain Studio program to help improve or resolve the symptoms of ADD / ADHD, depression, stress, anxiety, brain injury, brain fog, stroke, learning disorders, chronic pain, PTSD, eating disorders, sleep problems, MS, and many more!

Our specialized program encourages optimal brain and central nervous system function, a more positive mental outlook, improved awareness, and a better body / mind connection.

Mental performance

The proven Better Brain Studio program utilizes a proprietary multi-faceted neurofeedback / personal coaching process that helps improve concentration, focus, attention span, motivation, memory, recall, and general outlook making it an important tool that people of all ages can use to improve their overall performance and wellness. Our professionally directed program strengthens and stimulates the entire brain, is non-invasive, drug free and produces no undesirable side effects!

Mental fitness and efficiency

The Better Brain Studio program can help you reduce everyday mental 'sluggishness' and slow the cognitive decline that occurs naturally with age. Just like physical exercise benefits the body, our program will help keep your brain healthy, fit, and performing it's best!

Sports, physical and job performance

A growing number of athletes, individuals, and businesses of all kinds are experiencing how modern neurofeedback training can help them gain an important and sometimes critical edge.... With competitors often separated by only a narrow margin, the increased mental focus, concentration, flexibility and resilience empowered by participating in the Better Brain Studio program can make a real difference!

Whatever you do, our advanced program can help you consistently perform at your optimal level!

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